Frisol is traditionally market leader in Rotterdam as a supplier of premium fuels.

Our business, including trading, risk management, credit control, tax and accounting, will be managed by the new directors from their new head office in Rotterdam. Frisol also operates in Asia with sales offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Frisol delivers various products, such as marine fuel and lubricants, and provides full service to the entire maritime industry, supplying both sea, coastal and inland shipping sector.

With our blending facilities and our advanced fleet, we can deliver any required type of marine fuel with all possible specifications in and around Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp (ARA-region), as well as the European inland waterways.

Our worldwide import and our independent market position allows Frisol to offer continuity and flexibility in various aspects of the market.

Frisol will use their years of expertise to approach the bunkering market with full service and will take advantage of the drastically changing conditions in our rapidly changing energy market.

Durability and safety are key and will play an important role.

It is our goal to find the most effective way to offer our clients the best service at the most competitive prices.