Frisol is back in business!


logo2With pride, we announce the return of Frisol Bunkering B.V.

As of January 2016, Argos Bunkering B.V. has again become Frisol Bunkering B.V., the trusted name it carried from its creation in 1962 till 2008. Frisol, traditionally a renowned player in the world of bunkering, will once again focuse exclusively on the supply of premium bunker fuels. The company, headed by Carlo Brandwijk and Ron Motz, will supply bunker fuels  from their new headquarters in Rotterdam and from their existing sales offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Frisol supplies bunker fuels in the ARA-region, Chinese and other Asian ports.

Frisol has many years of experience in the field of supply, trading, hedging, blending and transporting bunker fuels. This, combined with an excellent performance and service, makes Frisol the ideal bunkering partner for the shipping industry.

We maintain an advanced fleet of bunker vessels. Multi product barges to efficiently supply different products simultaneously.

Apart from the physical supply Frisol can also assist their customers with hedging price risks and advise on optimal pricing strategies.

We look forward to the continuation of our much appreciated relationship.